YANHAO provides flanges and pipe fittings for oil pipelines for a famous enterprise in Middle East oil countries.
We are honored that the customer decided to use YANHAO’s flanges and pipe fittings after visiting our Hebei factory, which we will introduce in detail from many aspects.


1、Using place:
YANHAO flanges and pipe fittings are used in the connection of pipeline and pipeline, pipeline and equipment from oil collection, processing, storage, output and other links.
2、Main products: 1/2“-60” flanges, elbows, tees, size head, etc.
3、Effects achieved:
Effectively reduce the project cost, improve the safety and reliability, due to the better quality of the products provided by YANHAO, the later maintenance cost is also relatively low, at the same time, reduce the accident rate, make the energy loss reduced, greatly improve the efficiency of the work, and bring more profits for the enterprise.

Lewis Liu

Hello, I am Lewis Liu, a professional sales engineer with over ten years of experience in the flange fittings industry. I am highly knowledgeable in flange selection, installation, and maintenance. I am passionate about providing customers with the best solutions to ensure their pipeline systems run smoothly, safely, and reliably.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding flange fittings for your pipelines, whether it’s about selection, material choice, specification requirements, or any other aspect, please feel free to contact me at any time. I am committed to offering professional advice and assistance to help you make informed decisions and meet your needs.

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