Novartis AG - Pharmaceutical Plant Project
Novartis AG – Pharmaceutical Plant Project

Novartis AG is a global pharmaceutical company, mainly in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology medical devices and other fields, in this article we talk about the case of YANAO flanges and pipe fittings for Novartis Pharmaceuticals plant.
Novartis selected flanges and fittings produced by YANHAO flange manufacturer to be used in the equipment piping in a factory commissioning in 2019.
Material: 316L, 316Ti and 316LN stainless steel for medical use.
Size: DN10-DN600
Pressure: CLASS75-CLASS2000
Effect: YAHHAO’s flanges and pipe fittings are of stable quality, trouble-free, safe and reliable in operation, providing a stable environment for Novartis’ pharmaceutical production.

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