Custom Flanges

Our company provides Custom Flanges.

We are a professional flange manufacturer with years of experience in producing flange fittings. We can not only produce standard flanges but also produce non-standard custom flanges. We accept customized drawings and samples. Welcome to inquire!

non-standard custom flanges

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Custom Flanges

Custom flange is a non-standard flange component that is customized according to the special requirements of customers. It can be customized with different materials, appearance, size, number of bolt holes, bolt hole spacing, connection methods, etc. to meet the special application scenarios of customers.

Custom flanges can be designed and manufactured according to the specific usage site of the customer. For some special sizes or material requirements of pipelines, it can also ensure 100% matching with existing pipelines, making the stability and sealing effect of the entire project better. In addition, for customized flanges in corrosive environments, anti-corrosion coatings can be applied according to requirements to improve their corrosion resistance. Overall, custom flanges are designed to better adapt to pipeline environments and improve pipeline efficiency, and are often used in special sizes or pipelines with higher requirements.

non-standard custom flanges

Customization process for flanges

The customization process for flanges is generally as follows:

  1. Determine requirements: Communicate in detail with the customer to determine the requirements for flange size, material, pressure, connection method, etc.
  2. Design drawings: According to your needs, professional engineers will design flange drawings for you. The drawings will specify the size, shape, thickness, etc. of the flange in detail.
  3. Determine materials: Select suitable flange materials according to the requirements of the engineering project.
  4. Customer confirmation: Send detailed information such as the designed drawings and materials to the customer for confirmation.
  5. Processing samples: To ensure accuracy, first produce a sample according to the drawings and selected materials and send it to the customer for trial confirmation.
  6. Production of bulk goods: After confirming the accuracy of the samples, proceed with mass production.
  7. Inspection and testing: Inspect and test the processed flange to ensure quality before entering the packaging process.
  8. Packaging and transportation: use foam and wooden boxes for packaging, and send them to the designated address as required by the customer.
  9. After-installation guidance: If there are any problems during installation and use after receiving the flange, our professional engineers will provide one-on-one guidance for you.

What are the types of custom flanges?

  1. Customized size: Customized according to the customer’s specified pipeline size, including flange inner and outer diameter, thickness, bolt hole diameter, bolt hole distance, etc.
  2. Customized materials: flanges can be produced using specified materials suitable for pipeline engineering according to customer requirements.
  3. Customized appearance shape: It is not limited to circular flanges, but can be customized with irregular flanges such as square flanges, triangular flanges, and conical flanges. The flange neck can also be extended, which is called a long neck flange.
  4. Customized connection methods: There are various flange connection methods such as threaded connection, welding connection, socket welding connection, etc., which can be selected according to the actual limit needs.
  5. Special Treatment Customization: Special treatments such as surface coatings can be made according to your needs.
non-standard custom flanges

Can you provide custom flange drawings?

Yes, YANHAO company has a well-established team and professional designers. After detailed communication and understanding of your needs, we can provide you with design drawings and other services for better confirmation.

Is there quality assurance for custom flanges?

The quality of customized flanges at YANHAO is definitely guaranteed. We are a Chinese flange manufacturer with many years of production experience. We have complete equipment and a group of professional technical personnel to ensure it. At the same time, we start from steel raw materials to ensure quality. Our raw materials are all from well-known Chinese brand steel mills, with traceable quality and strict quality control in the production process. Finally, the finished product inspection is even more strict, Including size inspection, chemical composition analysis, mechanical performance testing, leakage testing, etc., to ensure that the quality of the flange meets the requirements, and to resolutely prevent unqualified products from entering the hands of customers. Our company promises to provide after-sales warranty for our flanges, and we will bear any problems during the warranty period.

Before customizing the flange, we need to confirm our detailed parameters such as pipeline size, pressure rating, connection method, material requirements, fluid medium, and corrosiveness. Then, we need to communicate with the flange manufacturer to confirm the customized flange and requirements, and produce design drawings. After both parties confirm that there are no errors, we can proceed with the production of the customized flange.

Certainly, we have a professional design team that can provide AutoCAD drawings based on your requirements.

Custom flanges are more expensive than standard flanges because they have not been mass-produced. However, customized flanges can be more suitable for your pipeline, making it more stable to operate. The implicit maintenance costs saved for you can far exceed this, so customization is still more suitable for special pipelines.

First, determine the specifications and dimensions of the pipeline, including inner diameter, outer diameter, pipeline thickness, etc., and then choose the appropriate flange size. If you are unsure, please let us know the data of your pipeline, and our professional engineers will provide one-on-one guidance for you.

The advantage of customized flanges lies in their flexibility, which can meet the special requirements of customers. They can be designed according to the customer’s pipeline in terms of appearance size, pressure, shape, material, connection method, etc. The produced flanges and pipelines have a higher matching degree and are more stable and smooth to use.

The delivery time for customized flanges may vary depending on the required specifications, models, and quantities. At YANHAO, we will prioritize evaluating the specific situation of each customer’s order and provide you with specific and reliable delivery times. We will definitely deliver the goods on time according to the agreed time, to your satisfaction.