Subsea Oil and Gas Development Project

TechnipFMC plc is an energy company located in London, UK, mainly engaged in oil and gas, chemical and energy projects, today we are talking about one of the subsea oil and gas development projects using YANHAO flange fittings.
The project in the pipeline and related equipment connections used by YANHAO flange fittings provided by the company, effective protection of the pipeline system to withstand the high pressure, high temperature and submarine environment of the harsh conditions, to protect the normal operation of the project.

Material: alloy steel and stainless steel materials, effective resistance to seawater corrosion and high temperature and pressure environment.
Specification size: DN10-DN2000
Pressure Rating: class150-class2500
Standard: ASME, API, ISO, etc.

If you also need flange fittings used in subsea projects or detailed information of the above items as reference, you can contact us by email.

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