Polyurethane Insulated Three-way Pipe

Our company provides polyurethane-insulated three-way Pipe.

The Polyurethane Insulated Three-way Pipe, crafted by YANHAO Company, stands as a versatile and energy-efficient solution within pipeline systems. With its corrosion-resistant steel outer layer, high-quality polyurethane foam insulation, and customizable options, it ensures not only structural durability but also excellent thermal performance. This pipe facilitates directional changes and finds applications in diverse industries, providing a reliable and efficient component for projects requiring insulation and directional flexibility.

Polyurethane Insulated Pipe

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Polyurethane Insulated Three-way Pipe

The Polyurethane Insulated Three-way Pipe is a specialized piping component designed to provide excellent thermal insulation and directional changes in pipeline systems. It features key characteristics tailored to meet the project requirements for directional changes and insulation within pipeline systems.

Materials: This pipe is typically composed of an outer layer made from corrosion-resistant steel and an inner layer insulated with high-quality polyurethane foam. This material combination ensures structural durability and effective thermal insulation.

Classification: The Polyurethane Insulated Three-way Pipe falls into the category of three-way pipes, allowing directional changes in the pipeline. It usually comes in different specifications and sizes to accommodate various project needs.

Applications: The product finds extensive applications in industries such as petrochemicals, oil and gas transportation, HVAC systems, especially where simultaneous insulation and directional changes are required in pipeline systems.

Price: The price of the Polyurethane Insulated Three-way Pipe depends on factors such as size, customization options, materials, and manufacturing processes. Typically, customization and the use of higher-quality materials can impact the price.

Manufacturing Process: The manufacturing of this pipe typically involves the following steps:

  • Material Preparation: Prepare corrosion-resistant steel and polyurethane foam.
  • Outer Layer Manufacturing: Form the outer layer structure, ensuring corrosion resistance.
  • Polyurethane Foam Injection: Inject polyurethane foam into the outer layer to form the insulation layer.
  • Three-way Design Formation: Form the three-way structure based on design requirements.
  • Coating and Treatment: Apply coating or treatment to the outer layer to enhance corrosion resistance.

Cost: Cost factors include size, customization options, materials, and quality. Generally, highly customized and higher-quality products may result in higher costs.

The Polyurethane Insulated Three-way Pipe combines structural durability, excellent thermal insulation, and flexibility for directional changes, making it a crucial component in industries requiring versatile and energy-efficient piping solutions.

YANHAO Company offers various customization options, including diameter, bend radius, and angle, to meet the specific requirements of different projects.

The production lead time depends on the specific requirements of the order, and we strive to complete production within a reasonable time frame after order confirmation.

Our products typically come with relevant quality certifications, providing documentation to ensure compliance with standards.

Yes, we can provide product samples, and we are willing to arrange on-site demonstrations as needed to ensure the product meets customer expectations.

We typically apply special corrosion-resistant coatings to the outer steel layer to enhance the product’s corrosion resistance.

Yes, our Polyurethane Insulated Three-way Pipe typically adheres to relevant international and industry standards, ensuring its reliability and performance in various applications.

Our Polyurethane Insulated Three-way Pipe is designed with excellent thermal insulation performance, ensuring efficient energy conservation within pipeline systems.

We offer comprehensive after-sales service, including warranty, technical support, and prompt resolution of any potential issues.

We use secure and reliable packaging methods and can choose suitable transportation methods based on customer shipping requirements.

Yes, our products undergo meticulous design and manufacturing to ensure reliability and durability under various operating conditions.