Welcome to YANHAO, your premier destination for high-quality 56″ pipe flanges. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of pipe flange solutions that meet the most demanding industrial requirements. With decades of expertise in the field, our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and reliability sets us apart as a trusted partner in the industry.

Overview of 56″ pipe flange

Specifications and Dimensions:
56″ pipe flanges are designed for pipes with a nominal pipe size (NPS) of 56 inches. These flanges are available in various pressure ratings to accommodate different industrial requirements, typically ranging from 150 to 2500 pounds per square inch (PSI). The choice of pressure rating depends on the specific application and the operating conditions.

56″ pipe flanges are manufactured from a variety of materials to ensure compatibility with different environments and fluids. Common materials include:

  • Carbon Steel: Known for its strength and affordability, making it suitable for general industrial applications.
  • Stainless Steel: Resistant to corrosion and staining, ideal for applications involving corrosive substances.
  • Alloy Steel: Offers high strength and excellent resistance to heat and corrosion, making it suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
  • Other Materials: In some specialized applications, nickel alloys, duplex stainless steel, and exotic materials may be used to meet specific project requirements.

Pressure Ratings

Pressure ratings are a critical consideration when selecting 56″ pipe flanges. The choice of pressure rating depends on the operating conditions, including the temperature and pressure of the fluid being transported. Flanges must be carefully matched to the system requirements to ensure safety and reliability.

  • 150 PSI: Commonly used in low-pressure applications.
  • 300 PSI: Suitable for medium-pressure applications.
  • 600 PSI: Provides higher pressure capability.
  • 900 PSI: Used in applications where the pressure exceeds 600 PSI but is less than 1500 PSI.
  • 1500 PSI: Ideal for high-pressure systems.
  • 2500 PSI: Reserved for extremely high-pressure and critical applications.

56″ pipe flanges are classified based on their design and connection methods, ensuring they are suitable for various purposes:

  • Weld Neck Flanges: These flanges have a long neck that is welded to the pipe, providing high structural strength. They are commonly used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
  • Slip-On Flanges: Easy to install, slip-on flanges slide over the pipe and are then fillet-welded in place. They are suitable for lower-pressure applications.
  • Blind Flanges: Designed to seal the end of a pipe system, blind flanges have no opening and are used for isolation or termination.
  • Socket Weld Flanges: These flanges are designed for small-diameter, high-pressure piping systems, allowing for easy pipe alignment and welding.
  • Lap Joint Flanges: Typically used with stub ends to create easy-to-align, non-permanent connections, these flanges provide flexibility in applications where frequent dismantling is necessary.

Facing Types:
56″ pipe flanges come with different facing types to ensure proper sealing and compatibility with gaskets. The choice of facing type depends on factors such as the fluid, temperature, and pressure conditions.

  • Raised Face (RF): Provides a raised surface for better alignment with gaskets, commonly used for lower to medium pressure applications.
  • Flat Face (FF): Flat faces provide a smooth surface for gaskets, often used in applications where there is little pressure variation.
  • Ring Type Joint (RTJ): These flanges have a special groove and ring gasket design, suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

Standards and Codes:
56″ pipe flanges adhere to international standards and codes to ensure consistency, safety, and compatibility in various industries. Common standards and codes include:

  • ANSI/ASME B16.5: Covers dimensions and tolerances for pipe flanges, ensuring uniformity and interchangeability.
  • ANSI/ASME B16.47: Specifies large-diameter flanges, including dimensions and ratings.
  • ASTM/ASME Materials Standards: These standards define material properties and specifications, ensuring the quality and performance of the materials used in flange construction.

YANHAO offers customization options for 56″ pipe flanges to meet specific project requirements. Customization may include:

  • Material Selection: Choose the most suitable material for the application.
  • Pressure Class: Select the appropriate pressure rating to match the operating conditions.
  • Facing Type: Customize the facing type (raised face, flat face, or ring type joint) based on sealing requirements.
  • Coatings or Linings: Apply specialized coatings or linings for enhanced corrosion resistance or other specific needs.
  • Unique Dimensions or Features: Tailor flanges to unique dimensions or design features to meet project-specific requirements.

Quality Assurance:
YANHAO places a strong emphasis on quality assurance to ensure the reliability and performance of 56″ pipe flanges. Quality assurance measures include:

  • Material Traceability: Ensuring that materials used in manufacturing are traceable to their source.
  • Stringent Manufacturing Processes: Employing rigorous manufacturing processes to maintain consistency and quality.
  • Quality Testing: Conducting various tests, such as hydrostatic, non-destructive, and dimensional tests, to verify the integrity of each flange.

YANHAO’s 56″ pipe flanges are manufactured in compliance with industry and international standards, guaranteeing safety and reliability. Compliance includes adherence to ANSI, ASME, ASTM, and other relevant standards, as well as meeting specific project or regulatory requirements.


56″ pipe flanges are crucial components in a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Petrochemical Industry: Used in refineries and chemical processing plants for connecting large-diameter pipes in complex systems.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Critical for pipelines, offshore platforms, and processing facilities.
  • Water Treatment: Essential for water distribution and treatment systems.
  • Power Generation: Used in power plants for piping systems conveying steam and hot gases.
  • Infrastructure: Applied in large-scale construction projects for water supply, sewage, and drainage systems.

These comprehensive details demonstrate the versatility, quality, and reliability of YANHAO’s 56″ pipe flanges across various industries and applications.

Why Choose YANHAO?

Choosing YANHAO for your 56″ pipe flange needs is a decision based on several compelling reasons:

  1. Expertise and Experience: YANHAO boasts decades of expertise and experience in the field of pipe flanges. Our team of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of flange design, manufacturing, and applications. We are your trusted source for expert advice and guidance.
  2. High-Quality Products: We are committed to delivering high-quality 56″ pipe flanges that meet or exceed industry standards. Our products undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure they perform reliably in demanding environments.
  3. Wide Range of Materials: YANHAO offers a comprehensive selection of materials for 56″ pipe flanges, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and more. This variety ensures that we can meet the specific requirements of your application, whether it involves corrosive substances, extreme temperatures, or high pressures.
  4. Customization Options: We understand that each project is unique. That’s why we provide customization options for our flanges. Tailor your 56″ pipe flanges to precise specifications, including material selection, pressure class, facing type, coatings, and unique design features.
  5. Competitive Pricing: YANHAO offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We believe in providing cost-effective solutions to meet your project budget while maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing and performance.
  6. Prompt Delivery: We understand the importance of timely delivery to keep your project on track. YANHAO is dedicated to meeting your deadlines and ensuring that you receive your 56″ pipe flanges when you need them.
  7. Responsive Customer Support: Our customer support team is highly responsive and available to assist you throughout your project. Whether you have technical questions, need assistance with customization, or require post-purchase support, we are here to help.
  8. Quality Assurance: YANHAO places a strong emphasis on quality assurance, including material traceability, stringent manufacturing processes, and comprehensive testing. You can trust that our flanges are of the highest quality and reliability.
  9. Compliance: Our 56″ pipe flanges adhere to international standards and codes, ensuring safety, reliability, and compatibility with various industries and applications. We also take into account specific project requirements and regional regulations to ensure compliance.
  10. Versatility of Applications: YANHAO’s 56″ pipe flanges find application in a wide range of industries, including petrochemical, oil and gas, water treatment, power generation, infrastructure, and more. They are versatile and designed to meet the demands of diverse projects.

In summary, choosing YANHAO means choosing a trusted partner with expertise, a commitment to quality, customization options, competitive pricing, and a dedication to delivering reliable 56″ pipe flanges that meet your unique project requirements. Your decision to work with YANHAO reflects your commitment to excellence and reliability in industrial applications.

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