Welcome to YANHAO, your premier destination for 60″ pipe flanges. We are your trusted experts in the field, offering an extensive selection of top-quality flange products designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements. Our commitment to expertise, authority, and trustworthiness makes us the go-to choice for professionals in need of reliable pipe flange solutions.

Understanding 60″ Pipe Flanges

A. What is a 60″ Pipe Flange?

A 60″ pipe flange is a critical component in piping systems used in various industries. It is a circular, flat, and disc-like structure with holes in the center that allows for the connection of pipes, valves, and other equipment. The term “60 inches” refers to the nominal size of the pipe to which the flange is attached. These flanges play a crucial role in joining, supporting, and sealing pipe connections.

B. Types and Applications

1. Weld Neck Flanges (WN): These flanges have a long neck that extends from the base and is welded to the pipe. They are ideal for high-pressure applications, such as in the oil and gas industry and chemical processing plants.

2. Slip-On Flanges (SO): Slip-on flanges slide over the pipe and are then welded in place. They are commonly used in low-pressure and non-critical applications, such as water supply systems.

3. Blind Flanges (BL): Blind flanges are solid plates used to close off the end of a pipe, making them suitable for isolating sections of piping systems or for pressure testing.

4. Socket Weld Flanges (SW): These flanges have a socket that fits over the pipe, ensuring a strong and leak-resistant connection. They are commonly used in smaller pipe sizes.

5. Lap Joint Flanges (LJ): Lap joint flanges are designed to slide over the pipe but are not welded to it. They are often used when easy disassembly is required.


  • Oil and Gas Industry: 60″ pipe flanges are used in pipelines for the transportation of oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbons.
  • Petrochemical Industry: They are employed in refineries and chemical plants for various processes.
  • Water Treatment: Municipal water treatment facilities use flanges in water distribution and treatment systems.
  • Power Generation: Flanges are crucial in power plants for conveying steam and cooling water.
  • Shipbuilding: They play a role in ship construction, connecting pipes for various systems.
  • Construction: Flanges are used in large-scale construction projects, such as skyscrapers and bridges.

C. Materials and Specifications

60″ pipe flanges are available in various materials to suit specific applications. Common materials include:

  • Carbon Steel: Suitable for general-purpose applications.
  • Stainless Steel: Resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for corrosive environments.
  • Alloy Steel: Offers enhanced strength and durability.
  • Duplex and Super Duplex: Provide excellent corrosion resistance and are used in demanding environments.

Specifications for 60″ pipe flanges are often defined by standards such as ANSI, ASME, and API. These specifications cover dimensions, pressure ratings, and materials to ensure compatibility and safety within industrial systems.

Understanding the types, applications, materials, and specifications of 60″ pipe flanges is essential for selecting the right flange for a given piping system, ensuring the integrity and performance of the overall infrastructure.

Our 60″ Pipe Flange Products

A. Product Range

At YANHAO, we take pride in offering a diverse and comprehensive range of 60″ pipe flange products to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our product range includes:

  1. Weld Neck Flanges (WN): Designed for high-pressure applications, these flanges provide a secure and reliable connection.
  2. Slip-On Flanges (SO): Ideal for low-pressure systems, they are easy to install and cost-effective.
  3. Blind Flanges (BL): Used for sealing the end of a pipe, they are essential for isolating sections and conducting pressure tests.
  4. Socket Weld Flanges (SW): Ensuring a strong, leak-resistant connection, these flanges are commonly used in smaller pipe sizes.
  5. Lap Joint Flanges (LJ): Offering easy disassembly, they are suitable for applications where periodic maintenance is required.

B. Customization Options

We understand that every project may have unique requirements. YANHAO offers customization options for our 60″ pipe flanges, including:

  1. Material Selection: Choose from a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, duplex, and super duplex, to match the specific demands of your application.
  2. Dimensions and Specifications: We can tailor the dimensions, bore sizes, and face types to meet your project’s exact specifications.
  3. Coating and Finishing: Opt for corrosion-resistant coatings or finishes, such as galvanization or epoxy, to enhance the longevity of your flanges.
  4. Special Features: If your project requires special features like gaskets, studs, or special facings, we can incorporate them into the design.

C. Quality Assurance

YANHAO is committed to delivering top-quality 60″ pipe flanges. Our dedication to quality assurance includes:

  1. Material Traceability: We ensure full traceability of materials used in our flanges, providing transparency and accountability.
  2. Stringent Testing: All our flanges undergo rigorous testing, including dimensional checks, pressure tests, and non-destructive testing (NDT), to guarantee their reliability.
  3. Certifications: Our products adhere to industry standards, and we provide necessary certifications to demonstrate compliance with specifications.
  4. Quality Control: Our quality control measures encompass every step of production, from raw material inspection to the final product, ensuring consistency and performance.

D. Compliance with Industry Standards

Our 60″ pipe flange products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards such as ANSI, ASME, API, and DIN. Compliance with these standards ensures that our flanges meet the safety and performance requirements of various applications.

At YANHAO, we are dedicated to providing you with pipe flange solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our commitment to a wide product range, customization, quality, and adherence to industry standards makes us your trusted partner in the world of 60″ pipe flanges.

Advantages of YANHAO 60″ Pipe Flanges

A. Strength and Durability

YANHAO 60″ Pipe Flanges are renowned for their exceptional strength and durability. Our flanges are engineered to withstand the most demanding industrial applications, including high-pressure and high-temperature environments. The superior strength of our flanges ensures the long-term integrity of your piping systems, reducing the risk of costly downtime and maintenance.

B. Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion can be a significant concern in many industries, but with YANHAO, you can trust in the corrosion resistance of our 60″ Pipe Flanges. We offer flanges in a range of corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, duplex, and super duplex, which are well-suited for harsh and corrosive environments. This resistance to corrosion extends the lifespan of our flanges and ensures they maintain their structural integrity over time.

C. Precise Engineering

Our 60″ Pipe Flanges are the result of precise engineering and meticulous attention to detail. We adhere to strict dimensional tolerances and specifications, ensuring that our flanges seamlessly fit into your piping systems. The precision in our manufacturing processes guarantees a leak-free and reliable connection, essential for the safe and efficient operation of your facilities.

D. Cost-Effective Solutions

While we offer high-quality and technologically advanced 60″ Pipe Flanges, we also understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in today’s competitive markets. YANHAO is committed to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our competitive pricing, coupled with the durability and longevity of our flanges, results in reduced overall project costs, making us the preferred choice for budget-conscious professionals.

In summary, YANHAO 60″ Pipe Flanges offer a compelling set of advantages, including exceptional strength and durability, corrosion resistance, precise engineering, and cost-effective solutions. These advantages make our flanges the ideal choice for industries where reliability and performance are paramount. Trust YANHAO for all your 60″ pipe flange needs and experience the difference in quality and efficiency.

Industries We Serve

YANHAO serves a wide range of industries with our high-quality 60″ Pipe Flanges, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each sector:

A. Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas industry, where extreme pressure and corrosive environments are common, our 60″ Pipe Flanges play a critical role in ensuring the integrity of pipelines, refineries, and drilling operations. Our corrosion-resistant materials and precise engineering make us a trusted partner in this sector.

B. Petrochemical

Petrochemical plants rely on YANHAO’s 60″ Pipe Flanges for various processes, including the transport of chemicals and the refining of raw materials. Our flanges’ durability and resistance to corrosive substances make them essential components in petrochemical applications.

C. Power Generation

Power plants, whether thermal, nuclear, or renewable energy facilities, depend on reliable piping systems. YANHAO’s 60″ Pipe Flanges are used to connect pipes carrying steam, cooling water, and other fluids, contributing to the efficient and safe operation of power generation facilities.

D. Shipbuilding

In shipbuilding, where reliability is paramount for vessels operating in challenging marine environments, our 60″ Pipe Flanges ensure secure connections for various systems on board, including fuel, water, and hydraulic systems. Our products meet the stringent requirements of this industry.

E. Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects, such as bridges, tunnels, and water supply networks, require robust and durable components. YANHAO’s 60″ Pipe Flanges are chosen for these projects due to their strength, precision engineering, and ability to withstand the rigors of large-scale construction.

In all these industries, YANHAO is recognized as a trusted supplier of 60″ Pipe Flanges, providing expertise, quality assurance, and customization options to meet the unique demands of each sector. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we remain a preferred partner for professionals across various industries.

Why Choose YANHAO?

A. Industry Experience

YANHAO’s extensive industry experience sets us apart as a trusted provider of 60″ Pipe Flanges. With decades of expertise, we possess in-depth knowledge of the complexities and nuances of various industrial applications. Our experience allows us to offer informed recommendations, ensuring you receive the most suitable flange solutions for your specific needs. Count on our industry know-how to help you make the right choices for your projects.

B. State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery. These facilities enable us to produce 60″ Pipe Flanges with precision, consistency, and efficiency. We invest in continuous improvements and innovation to stay at the forefront of the industry. When you choose YANHAO, you benefit from products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

C. Skilled Workforce

At the heart of our success is our highly skilled and dedicated workforce. Our team includes engineers, technicians, and experts with a deep understanding of 60″ Pipe Flanges. They are committed to ensuring the quality and reliability of our products. From design and manufacturing to quality control and customer support, our skilled professionals are passionate about delivering excellence at every step.

D. Customer-Centric Approach

YANHAO places the customer at the center of everything we do. We understand that your success depends on the reliability of our products and services. That’s why we offer a customer-centric approach that includes:

  • Tailored Solutions: We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and provide customized flange solutions that precisely match your needs.
  • Prompt Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist you with inquiries, quotes, and technical guidance throughout your project.
  • Timely Deliveries: We prioritize timely deliveries, ensuring your projects stay on schedule and within budget.
  • Commitment to Quality: Our stringent quality assurance measures guarantee that you receive flanges of the highest quality and reliability.

In conclusion, choosing YANHAO means choosing a partner with industry experience, state-of-the-art facilities, a skilled workforce, and a customer-centric approach. We are committed to delivering superior 60″ Pipe Flange solutions that meet your expectations and contribute to the success of your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Common Queries

  1. What is a 60″ Pipe Flange?
  • A 60″ Pipe Flange is a circular, flat component with holes in the center used to connect, support, and seal pipes in various industrial applications.
  1. What materials are available for 60″ Pipe Flanges?
  • We offer a range of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, duplex, and super duplex, to suit different application requirements.
  1. What types of 60″ Pipe Flanges do you offer?
  • We provide various types, such as weld neck, slip-on, blind, socket weld, and lap joint flanges, each with specific applications.
  1. Can I get custom dimensions and specifications for my flanges?
  • Yes, we offer customization options to meet your project’s exact requirements, including dimensions, bore sizes, and special features.
  1. Do your flanges come with corrosion-resistant coatings?
  • Yes, we offer corrosion-resistant coatings and finishes, such as galvanization and epoxy, for extended product lifespan.

B. Technical Information

  1. What standards do your 60″ Pipe Flanges adhere to?
  • Our flanges comply with industry standards such as ANSI, ASME, API, and DIN, ensuring safety and performance.
  1. What pressure ratings are available for your flanges?
  • Our flanges are available in various pressure ratings to accommodate a wide range of applications. Please refer to our technical data sheets for specific details.
  1. What testing and quality control measures do you employ?
  • We conduct rigorous testing, including dimensional checks, pressure tests, and non-destructive testing (NDT), to ensure the quality and reliability of our flanges.
  1. Can you provide material certifications and traceability?
  • Yes, we offer material certifications and full traceability for transparency and quality assurance.

C. Ordering Process

  1. How can I request a quote for 60″ Pipe Flanges?
    • You can request a quote by contacting our customer support team through our website or by phone. Please provide detailed specifications for an accurate quote.
  2. What is your lead time for product delivery?
    • Our lead times vary depending on product availability and customization requirements. Our customer support team will provide you with an estimated delivery schedule upon inquiry.
  3. What payment options do you accept?
    • We accept a variety of payment options, including bank transfers and other methods. Our team will provide payment details during the ordering process.
  4. Do you offer international shipping?
    • Yes, we provide international shipping to accommodate customers worldwide. We can provide shipping cost estimates and delivery timelines based on your location.

These frequently asked questions aim to provide you with comprehensive information about our 60″ Pipe Flange products, technical details, and the ordering process. If you have additional inquiries or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team for personalized assistance.

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