In order to welcome the Iranian customer Mohammad’s long-distance visit, after he finished the inspection work in China’s flange factory, the visa still has three days to go, we took him on a tour of China, and ate Chinese food and learned about China’s customs and traditions.

First, we came to Jinan, visited the famous Chinese attractions Baotu Spring, coins to make a wish, and saw the spring water nourished by the big fish.

Then we went to Daming Lake, took a boat ride and told Mohammad the story of Daming Lake.

In the evening we went to the night market across the Daming Lake and saw a lot of beautiful girls in ancient costumes, and the warm and generous Chinese girls even took pictures with Mohammad.


The next day we climbed the famous Mount Tai, Mohammad and we climbed to the top of the mountain in 5 hours, it was very tiring but worth it.

During the climb, I had a chance to taste all kinds of Chinese food, here are some photos!

On the third day, we left the hotel early in the morning and sent Mohammad to the airport, so Mohammad’s trip to China had come to a successful end!

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Mohammad sent an email to us after he returned home, saying that he was very satisfied with our factory during this trip to China, saying that our factory is neat and orderly, with advanced production equipments, and at the same time, he expressed that he especially liked our team, saying that our team has high professionalism, and at the same time, they are enthusiastic and full of activities, and that they are very happy to have us as companions during the trip to China, and said that they would like to be friends with us forever. We hope our friendship will last forever and we will come back to China again when we have time.

China is a big country with high quality manufacturing, we not only produce flanges and pipe fittings well, but we are also hospitable, welcome customers to visit our China flange factory.

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