This time we are going to introduce an American energy supplier. Due to customer privacy requirements, we cannot disclose detailed information of the customer’s company. We will refer to it as an American energy supplier business. It is a global supplier serving the energy and marine industries, mainly providing products to oil and gas companies, drilling rig manufacturers, drilling contractors, refineries, exploration and production operators and power plants. It is a great honor to cooperate with them this time.

This project is mainly a batch of precision-machined flanges, which have relatively high requirements on materials and processing technology. In order to let everyone know more about our production process, in this article we will show you our finishing flange production process in detail with pictures.

  1. The materials specified by the customer are ready and are ready to be put into the furnace to heat up and be forged.

2. The flange has been preliminarily forged and is ready for rough machining.

20240305 01

3. After rough machining, prepare the heat treatment and tempering state.

20240309 01

4. after heat treatment and conditioning, mechanical properties testing is performed, and then secondary finishing is performed.

20240327 01

5. Second rough machining after passing the mechanical property test

6. Flange product finishing production in progress

7. The flange processing is completed, waiting for dimensional inspection, and then finishing again, and the oiling is completed.

8. Flange inspection video

9. Flange packaging ready for shipment

10. Ship to the shipping company address designated by the customer

20240501 01 1

The above is the process of finishing flanges we provide for An American energy supplier. I hope it will be helpful for you to understand our company. Here are some real photos of the factory workshop to let you know more about us.

If you still want to know more For more information, you can contact us by email, or visit our China flange factory in person. We look forward to your visit.

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