Siemens - Power Plant Project with Flanges and Fittings
Siemens – Power Plant Project with Flanges and Fittings

Siemens is a well-known multinational company, and YANHAO was honored to supply flanges and fittings for its power plant project, which we will talk about today.
Siemens’ power plant project requires piping to connect many equipments, which requires the use of a large number of flanges and pipe fittings of stable quality to ensure its normal operation, Siemens chose to cooperate with YANHAO among a large number of suppliers, which is our honor, and at the same time also proves the quality and strength of our products.

Model: Welded flanges, bolted flanges, etc. are used
Material: Different materials are used according to the actual need, most of them are stainless steel materials, among which alloy steel and carbon steel are also used.
Pressure level: 150 pounds to 2500 pounds
The effect of using YANHAO flange fittings: safe, stable and reliable, high efficiency, the project has been running for several years without failures, YANHAO flange fittings to ensure the Siemens power plant project to run efficiently and error-free, quietly provide strong support.

If you also have this project in search of flange fittings suppliers, you are welcome to contact us by mail, we are a Chinese flange factory, can provide flange fittings to meet the European and American standards, at the same time, we have reasonable prices and quality assurance, welcome to visit our factory.

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