Cement mortar anticorrosive steel pipe

Our company provides Cement mortar anticorrosive steel pipe.

Cement mortar anticorrosive steel pipe is a new type of pipeline material, which uses steel pipe as the substrate and is coated with special cement mortar anti-corrosion coating. It has various characteristics such as anti-corrosion, waterproofing, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, etc., and is widely used in construction, water conservancy, chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas and other fields.

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Cement mortar anticorrosive steel pipe

Cement mortar anticorrosive steel pipe is a new type of piping material only appeared in recent years, it is a kind of steel pipe that can be anticorrosive by coating cement mortar on the inner wall of the steel pipe, it combines the high strength of the steel pipe and the corrosion-resistant property of the cement mortar, it has a wide range of characteristics such as anticorrosive, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, fireproof, etc., and it is widely used in the municipal engineering, the petroleum industry, the sewage treatment, and the agricultural field of the underground pipelines, water pipes, drains and other projects.

Anti corrosion Steel Pipe

Product Features:

  1. Good anti-corrosion effect: it can better prevent corrosion in the pipe and effectively extend the life of the pipe.
  2. Not easy to wear: it has higher hardness, stronger resistance to scouring and abrasion.
  3. Good durability: the cement mortar can be closely combined with the pipe and is not easy to fall off, which can achieve a better use of the effect.
  4. Simple construction: it can be constructed at the site, which is convenient and has a short construction period.
  5. Cheap price: the price is relatively cheaper compared with other anti-corrosion pipes.
  6. Wide range of applications: to adapt to a variety of diameters of different pressures of the pipeline, a wider range of applications.

Application areas:

Municipal engineering: it can be used in drainage pipes of high floors, heating pipes, water conservancy projects, gas pipes, underground water projects and so on.
Petroleum industry: in petroleum and corrosive chemical liquid pipelines.
Sewage treatment: in sewage pipes, or underground sewage works.
Agricultural field: farmland watering, drainage project pipeline.

Installation steps:

Preparation: Before installation, check the surface of the pipe for any damage, and also check whether the anti-corrosion coating is intact or not, and also seal the two ends of the pipe.
Clean up the pipe opening: the coating at the pipe opening should be cleaned up, so that the metal structure of the pipe can be exposed.
Preparation of cement mortar: proportion and mix the cement and sand as required for use.
Apply cement mortar: Apply about 3MM of freshly prepared cement mortar inside the pipe.
Install the pipe: Insert the pipe into the opening, so that there is no gap between the two fit well.
Waiting for curing: After the installation is completed, wait for a while for it to fully cure.
Pressure test: After the installation is completed, pressure test the work to ensure that the pipeline can be used properly and without error.

Daily Maintenance:

Regular inspections: Make sure that the pipes are not damaged or that the coating is not falling off.
Keep it dry: Make sure that the pipes are not exposed to humidity and that they are as dry as possible.
Avoid collision: Avoid collision or pressure as much as possible to prevent damage to the pipe.
Regular cleaning: The environment around the pipes should be cleaned regularly to maintain a clean environment.
Regular maintenance: In order to better extend the service life, we also need to regularly apply anticorrosion agent to the pipe and replace the anticorrosion layer.

Here is a simple example of daily maintenance worksheet for cement mortar anticorrosion steel pipe:

Maintenance TaskMaintenance FrequencyPerson in Charge
Check pipe appearance and corrosion protectionMonthly/QuarterlyMaintenance personnel
Keep pipe surroundings dryDaily/WeeklyMaintenance personnel
Avoid bumping or crushing of the pipeDaily/WeeklyUser
Clean debris around pipeMonthly/QuarterlyMaintenance personnel
Apply corrosion inhibitor, replace corrosion protection (if required)Annually/bi-annuallySpecialized technician
example of a routine maintenance worksheet for cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe:

Please note that the above maintenance worksheet is only an example and you may make adjustments and additions as appropriate. In addition, it is recommended that you develop a maintenance program that suits your specific use case according to the maintenance manual and relevant standards provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure the normal operation of cement mortar anticorrosion steel pipe and extend its service life.

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Service life:

The service life of cement mortar anticorrosion steel pipe is generally more than 30 years. Its service life is affected by many factors, including the material of the steel pipe, the manufacturing process, the use of the environment, and maintenance. Under normal use, reasonable maintenance can effectively extend the service life of anti-corrosion steel pipes.
When choosing and using cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe, it is recommended to consult professionals to ensure that the right product is chosen and used correctly.


The price of cement mortar anticorrosion steel pipe is affected by many factors, including the specification of the steel pipe, material, thickness of the anticorrosion layer, market supply and demand, production cost, and so on. Therefore, I can’t provide specific price information. If you want to know the detailed price, you can email us your detailed requirements, and we will give you a detailed quotation sheet in the shortest time.

What are the advantages compared with traditional anti-corrosion steel pipes?

  1. Good anti-corrosion performance: cement mortar anti-corrosion coating can keep the things inside the pipe from contacting with the steel pipe, so it can effectively achieve an anti-corrosion effect when used.

  2. Better abrasion resistance: cement mortar has high hardness and good abrasion resistance after curing, so the pipes wrapped with it can achieve better abrasion resistance.
  3. Not easy to fall off: after drying, the cement mortar anti-corrosion coating will be firmly attached to the steel pipe, not easily fall off.
  4. Effective heat preservation: it has a heat preservation effect, so that the heat of the medium in the pipe is not easy to lose, and the effect is especially obvious when conveying warm air.
  5. Low construction cost: easy construction, roll coating or spraying can be, low labor costs.
  6. non-toxic and harmless: non-toxic and harmless, no harm to human health, no secondary pollution.

How to choose the right cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe?

  1. Check the corrosion performance of the pipeline medium and select a corrosion-resistant pipeline that is suitable for matching.
  2. Consider pipeline pressure and choose cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipes that match the pressure.
  3. Consider the diameter, inner diameter, and outer diameter of the pipeline to choose a suitable cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe.
  4. According to the engineering requirements, decide whether to treat the surface of the pipeline.
  5. Choose well-known brands and reliable manufacturers and suppliers to ensure quality.
  6. Based on our budget, find a suitable supplier to purchase at a suitable price.
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How to choose the formal cement mortar anti-corrosion steel pipe manufacturer?

  1. Qualification: Choose manufacturers with relevant production qualifications and certifications. Check whether the manufacturer has a production license, ISO quality management system certification and other relevant certificates.
  2. Production capacity: Understand the production capacity and equipment status of the manufacturer. A formal manufacturer usually has advanced production equipment and technology to ensure the quality and output of products.
  3. Technical strength: pay attention to the manufacturer’s technical strength and R & D capability. A manufacturer with strong technical strength can provide better product solutions and can meet the needs of different customers.
  4. Product quality: Check the manufacturer’s product quality and reputation. You can find out the quality of the product by checking the product quality test report, user reviews and other ways to understand the quality of the product.
  5. Service guarantee: choose the manufacturer that provides good after-sales service and technical support. A formal manufacturer will usually provide perfect after-sales service, including product installation guidance, maintenance and so on.
  6. Field inspection: If possible, it is recommended to personally visit the manufacturer for a field inspection. This can better understand the manufacturer’s production environment, equipment and management level.
  7. Reference cases: to understand the manufacturer’s past project cases and customer groups. A manufacturer with rich project experience and a good customer base is usually trustworthy.
    By considering the above aspects, you can better choose a regular cement mortar anticorrosion steel pipe manufacturer and make sure you buy a reliable quality product. Meanwhile, maintaining good communication and cooperation with the manufacturer will also help to ensure the quality of the product and its effectiveness in use.

A cement mortar anticorrosion pipeline is a kind of pipeline using cement mortar as an anticorrosion layer, which is used to transport liquid or gas.

Cement mortar anti-corrosion pipeline is suitable for pipelines of different diameters and pressure levels, and can be used for transportation of liquids and gases.

Installation of a cement mortar anti-corrosion pipeline is not difficult, but it needs to be carried out in accordance with relevant standards and specifications. If you need a detailed installation and construction cell phone, please contact us for it.

Keep the environment clean and free of debris extrusion, and at the same time to prevent moisture, especially can not be soaked into the water, for the outer wall must be regularly inspected to prevent damage.

Yanhao is a pipe manufacturer located in Hebei, China, which can provide you with cement mortar anti-corrosion pipes with good quality and price.

Cement mortar anti-corrosion pipeline has the advantages of good anti-corrosion performance, abrasion resistance, adhesion, and easy price and installation.

The service life of a cement mortar anti-corrosion pipeline can be more than 30 years, but the specific service life also depends on the maintenance situation the medium of the pipeline, and many other factors.

The price of cement mortar anti-corrosion pipeline is relatively cheap, but also by the specification of materials, pipe diameter, pressure, thickness, length, order quantity, transportation distance, and other factors, can not give a specific price, the specific price needs to be based on the actual situation to send an e-mail inquiry.

The thickness of the anti-corrosion layer is generally between 2-5 mm, if there are special requirements, we design according to the actual situation.

When choosing a cement mortar anticorrosion pipeline, you need to consider factors such as pipe diameter, wall thickness, material, and quality of anticorrosion layer, and choose qualified and reputable manufacturers.